Malice of monocromatic monopoly


The dichotymy of my soul is a mosiac

Brown black yellow

The foundation of my land is built on the principles of acceptance, of expresson, of hope

But as I witness life around me, I see the shadow of division

You cling to those who talk like you, walk like you, look like you

Don't stare, they say

But how can they not?

I stand out too much

I don't fit in their cookie cutter molds of perfection

I will never be able to blend in with one single group

I will never be solely




I will be all three

I will wear my colors with pride and joy, for they make me who I am

I am a canvas that cannot be painted over with your hurtful lies of restraint

My pigments of beauty, of heritage, of love are too bright for your critical eyes to ostracize

I will not be constricted by your labels

My influence, my potential breaks down any walls you dare put up around me

So go ahead and stare

Because you can't make America the beautiful with just one color


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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