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Her mind held dreams that obeyed no boundaries
Her dreams held a will that could not be broken
She could not be broken
She obeyed no boundaries
She was bullet proof
Because it took a bullet to her head to prove that her dreams could not be lost in the blood shed
And she could not be stopped even in what was supposed to be her death bed
She is Malala

Fighting for education, she took a stand
In Pakistan

14 years old

A 14 year old speaks up
Women speak up
People speak up
These cowards
Build towers
In front of pupils
2 blinks… 2 bullets
Taliban shot her down
For going after shooting stars

2 hollow tipped bullets can’t stop her. 2 gunmen can’t stop her.

She will die a martyr. She will die for her country.

She STILL has a price on her head

The “man” can’t win in Pakistan
Or here

I take a stand
With my hand on my heart
I am Malala;
wish to start
The spark
Of the new era
Of women
Of men
Of youth

I take a stand

I am Malala

Left for dead
In the war zone that is my home

All because of the melanin in my chromosome

It’s hard to see the light in the dark man
It’s hard to deviate from society’s plan

Imma black kid tryna make it
Eyes look harder at those who are darker
Yeah, I’m guilty of using my mind
Coz my mind is a weapon
I fight this oppression to lead me in the right direction
This is my battle
When your own try to shoot you down

That’s even harder to believe than the matrix.
And im Still tryin to explore the greatness
Of me
They ignore like they don’t know what my race is
Whos the doctor cuz im sick of being patient
cure the ancient ignorance Of hatred
Whos the doctor
The waitin room is impatient
This is what grace is

I take a stand

I am Malala

I remember elementary school
Too young to understand the idea of the future
Like what we couldn’t see didn’t exist
I went to a school that graduated
Less than half of its students on time
Like a repeating rhyme
Less than half of us were expected to graduate from high school
No child left behind
Expected to stay behind
We were never line leaders
Now I’m graduating in the top 10 of my class
I am Humboldt park
Yo soy Latina

I take a stand

I am Malala

Street corner graffiti with honor students’ blood,
Walls tell stories of those who could’ve changed the world,
Gun shots, drive-bys
The wrong turn or wrong time
My education has no deadline
I am not graffiti street corner material
Finish my education to avoid this rollercoaster,
I’m fighting,
In the longest lasting war, this isn’t over,

I take a stand

I am Malala

I swore I’d be different
Thought if anything would hold me back it’d be myself
Never knew the pigment of my skin could mask my potential
Would no longer oppress me
Undress me and place labels upon my skin
A sin
It is to waste intelligence so I continue to reach
Along with my competitors
My people
These street corners are no joke
And neither am I

Failure is not an option

In Pakistan or the West Side bullets fly
And education can die
Resist, rebel, demand more
We are Malala

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i loved your poem. it takes a lot of courage to stand up or even sit staring a computer and type it.*goosebumps all over*

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