Making love with our souls

Making love with our souls

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 3, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Hi love. I'm here still up thinking about us. Been praying for us. For God to continue to bless us and our future with love romance and respect.
And success in all that we  do together. God I long for you.
For your touch your kiss. Your smell your smile and your voice.

I m going to start putting money back each and every week when I get paid. I want you to do the same. So see can put it together and get you and the kids back hone.

I can't stad being apart from you any longer. The intensifying strong overwhelming feeling I feel coming from all theses miles away.

People would say that we are crazy. Insane love can't be that strong to were you make each other week sending chills of electrifying warm electricity though one another's body's.

Causing each other to go mad and want to be together. Never to be apart again. And once we reunite it's going to be unlike anything you have ever experienced in your life.

When we touch each other were going to become week chills of warm electricity raging through our bodies. The pit of our stomach is going to fill so utterly strong of butterflies and the best breathtaking feeling you could ever imagine possible.

We will be making love with our Souls The exact special moment when our souls become one untangled. Making us feel so amazing. All it takes is a touch a kiss.

A look in to each other's eyes. We become mesmerized. Feeling love so strong it's as if we where physically making love to one another.

Except yet we are just agents each other holding one another's. While our souls make love to each other. On the spiritual realm. Driving us even more mad for each other.

This dance will be our dance each time before we make love in physical form. Your going to be moaning and groaning lose your breath. Wiggle and giggle and quiver and squirm.

Just as if we where physically making love. This will last for hours and hours. Feeling oh so good. Then we will finally get to get physically involved.
Then oh God how everything is going to be so intense. That you're going to be begging for me to make love to you over and over again.

That's where I better let this writing end. I love you baby you're the bestest that's ever been.

Sandra K. Johnson 6, 03, 20021

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