Making Love

Baby, you set my feelings into overdrive.

Shifting gears that give full meaing to everything you do. 

We move slow and kept a steady pace but that doesn't mean 

you weren't driving hard. 

Your touch, the feelings, the sounds you made and the words 

you said oh so.. slooowly. 

You made things rough, showing me that you wanted all of me. 

You were gentle, telling me i was safe with you. 

Your words... and oh your sounds. 

Under my control, you mouthed things i couldn't see put saw

from your expression they were all good. 

You sighed and moaned into my ear when it was 

getting harder to handle 

And begged me by saying please repeatedly and 'oh my god' 

when i finally gave in. 

Our bodies moving in one motion as they rolled 

the feel of your body on mine; pressing into me and not 

wanting to pull back. 

Your plush lips all over me and my hands all over you. 

No feeling could ever amount to this: us and the way we showed 

our love... by making it. 




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