Makers Of Lies Hate Truth

Makers of lies hate truth, but I shall speak the truth even if it costs me my life.

Something is fundamentally wrong with the minds of world leaders.

Presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens, all politicians think alike.

They do not regard the people in worn-out clothes as their equals.

In fact, they do not even accept these persons as real men and women.

The lives of all human beings doubtlessly have the same worth.

Race, nationality, economic status, rank or religion, makes no difference at all.


The senseless warmongers neither appreciate nor value truth and right.

And they squander taxpayers’ money on the study of supremacy and aggression.

They cannot love one another because they do not know the Creator of life.

The leaders of countries are public servants; they are not gods and goddesses.

Greedy political candidates instigate bloodshed to win seats in the whorehouses.

People with integrity certainly do not get involved in the nastiness of politics.


Radicalism is not terrorism; sly politicians like to invent definitions for words.

Simply put, radicalism is the aim at fundamental change in the structure of society.

Terrorism is the employment and incitation of terror to drive fear in others,

And in their book of rules, this definition matches the armed forces of the states.

Rich, bourgeoisie and poor, everybody has the right to freedom of expression.

Spokespersons for the governments falsely accuse people of terrorism and extremism.

They regard anybody who disagrees with their delusion as a terrorist and an extremist.


I have a few thought-provoking questions for the leaders and the so-called intellectuals:

Is it true or false that the states are the biggest terrorist organizations in the world?

Who has the nuclear capability to cause worldwide death and mass destruction?

Do you think it is the one who resists oppression or the one who oppresses others?

The mother of terrorism is in fact the notorious self-styled world power,

Yet so many misguided people scurry to that modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Some people have turned their backs on good morals to achieve dishonest financial gains.


The power-hungry Lamblike Beast and its hypocritical allies are under the control of Satan,

But none of them is able to see it because they are afraid to look in the mirror.

They have blind minds and they murder innocent people to cover up their evil deeds.

The wicked conspirators are buried deep in fright, lunacy, and confusion.

If you ask them who the real enemy is, they would give you a nonsensical answer.

They do not have a clue that their pride, ignorance, and hatred are their worst enemies.


Injustice, intimidation, corruption, and preconception reign in their legislative bodies.

What they call the best system of law and justice is actually dungy toilet tissue.

In plain language, the law and justice of mankind is full of human excrement and urine.

They run for their lives and seek a hiding place when there is no pursuer.

Every day they improve the technology of weapons and the strategy of war because of fear.

How long will the evil, satanic authorities go on building an imaginary foe?

The foul scent of their disgusting filth and pollution is suffocating them to death.


Preachers, teachers, and dignitaries give such eloquent talks on the podiums.

I for one do not take a single word they say seriously and I do not respect any of them.

All of them have the same rotten intention, and that is to mislead poor people.

Lies and deception issue from their tongues like slime dripping from the sewer.

They have built systems to institutionalize deprivation and bad-mindedness.

We are a futureless civilization because of the rubbish they teach our children.

The size of the bags they carry to school is the equivalent of a donkey’s hamper.


They publish the propaganda theory that higher education is the key to success,

But their many possessions and achievements are not the result of their hard work.

They have achieved wealth and fame by means of exploitation and plunder.

The dishonest leaders take credit for the creativity and production of our hands.

They swindle us out of our meagre earnings and give us a non-prosperous life.

I conclude that they are up to no good and their leadership is a colossal failure.

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