Make A Move

You like what you see?  I like what you do

Don’t just stand there baby.  Why won’t you make a move?

I know you’re not very patient.  I know you want to hurry

I’m one special little Asian.  You have nothing to be worried

I’ll show you something that is new for you and me

Just close your eyes in 1…2…3

But wait…

If you want to be such a coward  And rather than becoming a man?

Then this girl ain’t going to wait for your ass another hour

And I don’t know what the hell you don’t understand

Just make a move

Let me whisper something in your ear

Hope you’re ready for what’s next my dear.

Where’s your confidence and bravery?

Use the voice that God has given you

Do you see anything clearly?

You don’t know if our love was meant to be true

Just please make a move

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My community
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