Make America Great Again

They say they wanna..
make this country great again?

I wonder if Y'all talking bout the same America I'm in
I don't know if if yall wanna take it back to when Ronald was the president or my family was still getting slave beatings

Cause I don't see the greatness in the power of a whip, 
But we all see the greatness in the beauty of her hips, That even YOUR ancestors couldn't  resist
I don't even see the greatness in
Locking up our black men
For a petty crime,
and letting his white accomplice get away with a penniless fine

Everybody likes to pick, poke, and make fun of
The same woman YO ancestors children called motha
Yes, that same black woman who,
worked all day and I got raped by night but even then continued to shine bright
Now y'all wonder why us black women always gotta pick a fight.
Today we have to fight for the sanity of the mind.
Even 50 years later, we still fight for the right, to be seen and treated as an equal life

We still fight to overcome the lack of confidence that's been instilled in us since we were little kids
To be honest, we really sick of it
All the Racial injustices, and,
Thinking we ain't good enough cause you say our skin ainn really white enough, huh.
we out here watching movies where the popular girls look like Hilary duff
while We the ones credited as having a life that's tough
Sometimes we might get the role of an athlete.. but aye that's rare luck

Then y'all tell us Come out with our hands up?
But We never even get the courtesy of being cuffed
Say He was resisting arrest...? man I'm calling yo bluff yah
we gotta stand up
Pull up yo britches, man up


Cause see, 

My man Alton sterling he was Murdered on the streets,
By the protectors, the ones we call police.
So explain to me how this is still the LAND OF THE FREE,
Killed by the same ones sworn to keep the peace
Every trial they get to walk away smiling, they free

When WAS America great?

Maybe it's the Harlem renaissance in the 1920's, 
I guess we should be grateful for all amenities, 
Got us reading books in school like The GREAT Gatsby
but how does he even represent me?
That was time described as fun and roaring
But Us blacks, we was just happy to wake up at dawn the next morning.
all I see today are the same suffers of the 60's
Like with Rosa, she refused to give up her seat,
One of those strong black women not afraid to be labeled a strange fruit hanging from the tree.

Been through too many years of oppression for this nation to be claimed great,

But all together we can bring upon this fate

Bring positivity to the many years of racial hate

Let's live equal and bring greatness to the United States.

Then we can really say, America IS Great!


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My community
My country
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