Magnet And Steel

just like Bogart and Bacall
we wander aimlessly exposed to the elements
shattered glass on the pavement floor
we sharpen are number two pencil
still there is an empty feeling deep inside
perhaps we want to run away and hide
behind the false hidden garb of compromise
can't we see through all there twisted lies
you are the magnet and I am steel
some would insist it being no big deal
yet we traveled this far not to turn back now
not to look when your hand is on the plow
there are many heads out in the street
stand for love but is lust in disguise
does this notion of thought come at any big enough surprise

When they looked deep into each others eyes
it is then they saw a future
filled up with hope for a better tomorrow
amidst the sadness and sorrow
like Trump & Wife
a double feature with some added spice
once this life is through you don't get a second chance to roll the dice
borrowed basement pews we bit off more then we could chew
just like peanut butter and jelly
is it any wonder we got to much time on are hands

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My community


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