The Magical Window

Lying on my bed staring through the window

I saw a star shooting from a sky hollow

After a while, fallen a asleep ,But no any sight

Just then the window opened with a deep light


The gleam was soon on to my eyelid

And then it knew, I was a wee kid

Through the window it was shinning giving me a hope

I wasn't sure, Was I already dope?


Touched the sparkling smoke through the window

No any fork, I was swinging a rainbow

Above the clouds as soft and cuddly as cotton

Through the stars twinkling cute as button


Saw a silhouette coming fast this way

Who are you? I could not say

It was a Pegasus with aureate wings

She told she will glide me as a string


Went to the cloud castle, it was wonderful

I felt from the creations, the kings were powerful

They created clouds, light, rainbow and rains

I came through the magical window, I said from my veins.


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