Baby, I love you


“Baby, I love you,” a phrase I hardly ever heard, 

I mean I came out of your womb ma, do you even love me anymore?

It's my first day of first grade and you’re not even here ma..

Rather be working out on the streets, then eat dinner with your kid, ma.


I'm in sixth grade now, 

I come home with a busted eye and a bruised lip,

vulnerable and weak I just need you to come home, hold me, and tell me “baby, I love you.” 

Caring more about the cloudy windows and sticky tables

of the  restaurant at the corner of the street then you do about me. 

All I wanna do is be wrapped in your arms like a present under the tree on Christmas Eve, ma.


Im in highschool now, 

but I’m not gonna go. 

It's not like you or dad will be there to see how far I've even come.

I might just drop out now because there isn't a point,

I can make more dough selling sugar packets on the corner where you used to work, ma.


I'm a little scared though, 

there's this tall guy with a black cap, flipped a tad to the left ,with a knife to my chest trying to steal all my money, ma.

Maybe I wouldn't be here if you had just once look into my eyes and told me “baby, I love you.”


It's okay now ma I worked it out, had some fellas help me out   

 they said I owe them a favor and I’m one of them now. 

I mean what else was I supposed to do?

An uneducated, kid with no parents to guide me, I have nowhere else to go.


Four o’clock on a Saturday sitting on the grey concrete that is my doorway

A car drives by in the blink of an eye, three gunshots sound, and I begin to look down… 

there is Blood on my chest, ma.

I find myself staring up at the sky, and I think I see the light, but then distracted by your presence in the corner of my eye, I hear you say something which is all I need to be alive.

That being,

"baby, I love you."


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