Lurking on the Internet

I notice you like my things

And it's nice....but it's also frustrating

You seem to just like things that relate to me

Dude, do you even read my shit?

I put a lot of thought into everything I share

I don't care for your thumbs up if it means nothing

My posts are vibrant

in need of reflection

but your stagnance of thought is ugly to me

It brings out the ugly IN me

And I continue to wonder why

I should even exist on social media

if I cannot get a simple thought across

when the screen you read are pictures

and the thoughts you say are about pictures

Do you only see the world in what is mainstreamly beautiful?

My body, my face is only a segment of my existance

Don't you validate me in a "look"

I'm a book

and you're a lurker

and I'm.... disgusted

in so many ways



There's no happy ending in that.


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