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Little one, don't be glum

I know you loved him so

As they say – a horse with broken legs

is dead anyways

But you had to pull the trigger

to let him go


Little one, don't be glum

It's dark now but there's a whole world waiting out there

Things unseen, things to dream


You have scars now that were once open wounds

You have a future to weave,

so when you're ready,

go reclaim your loom


Little one, I know you miss what used to be

But there's no point in being in love with memories


You're colored glass and summer wind

You've locked yourself away,

don't you want to feel the sun again?


You're lovely as you are

On cold nights, you used to look at the stars

You can still feel wonder, my friend

but you have to pick yourself up,

not let anyone break you again


You have scars now that were once open wounds

you are a future not defined by your past,

Look beyond the kaleidoscope of what you outgrew


Little one, don't be glum

There's so much still to see,

no need to justify who you want to be


Little one, the past is done.

You're free.





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