Loving with Mental Illness

When you live your life with a mental illness

You overthink and love with your whole heart

Sadly nothing can kill it

Because it became a part


A part of who you are

And what you think about

You start to feel bizarre 

Living life with many doubts


You think your not capable of love 

Due to the constant number of attacks 

You realize you will never be above 

Until you learn how to relax


That boy you opened your heart to 

That boy you allowed to see yourself 

Made you saw life in a new view

A life without himself


You gave him your all

Because that's how you love when you have a mental illness 

But somehow he found a new ball

So your sitting here with unclearness


Why wasnt i enough

With everything we've been through

I thought what we had was tough

But I guess I was just his number two


But all i can say is thank you

For breaking my heart and letting me see

The person i can turn into

Is someone who loves with mental illness is an okay person to be


This poem is about: 



Thank you for voicing my thoughts! Bravo! I really feel that.

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