The Loving Ducklings

The fountain with a pond,

Sheds light in the dawn

As two little ducklings swam

Gliding through the water to land.

The male duck stretched and cawed

The female duck tucked and cleaned

Once these ducks were content

They swam again

Except this time they swam side by side

Gliding slowly and ducking for food,

The male duck got in a frisky mood,

Nibbling and nuzzling on the female duck.

The female duck pushed an then slowly nuzzled back.

This when I realized these ducks were love ducks.

Mates for life and what a beautiful sight,

Both were happy and content with their life

It made me wish for a love like that sometime.

Where it's the purest of love in any form

Nothing selfish, nothing new

Just two loving ducks in the big pond.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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