Loving a Depressed Lover

I came home and found you in your usual spot, hiding from the world.

Dark despide the sun being awake.

Your eyes are open yet nobodys home, you stare straight ahead without following my movements. 

I place myself next to your decaying body.

Blood still courses through your veins, yet you wish it didn't

Warm body tinged with darkness.

Body is alive without a soul.

I hold you together every day in my arms, giving you a moment to rest your eyes. 

"It's okay" I say to her. Useless words but I say them anyway.

You are gone for weeks at a time. Sometimes months.

I find myself searching for you, I try hard not to file a police report or search the streets because you are still curled up in the bed at home. 

The lights behind your eyes are on yet nobody's home.

Mouth locked tight with words to heavy to speak.

Some people are sad without a reason. A curse that constricts your soul.

So everyday I find you home burned into the bed, eyes open staring at the wall

wrapping my arms around you.

Trying to keep us from falling apart. 




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