You sit there quietly

Not even casting a single glance my way
You are far too busy thinking
Observing the world around you
Normally, I'd be wondering who that lady across from me will be coming home to
What midterms will that quiet guy in the back be studying for 
And where that cute couple diagonal to us met
But today
With your presence filling the seat beside me instead of my head
I just can't take my eyes off you
And I cant help but feel...
Sick to my stomach
Cause you've got it in knots
lurching and twisting with all these thoughts
Of you
Of us
Of the sometimes distance between
You make me so sick
Sick in the head
Cause The thousands upon thousands  of thoughts and images and tangent musings that usually crowd my head
Are silenced
I can finally hear myself think
And they're all of you
Of your curly hair
Of Your tiger-eyes so alluringly framed by those long dark lashes
I imagine them
your strong arms and your scars
Your voice and your laugh
Your smile and that beauty mark near it that I never noticed but now do
Because I'm just so in love with you 
I cant think of the true medical term for it 
But I caught it
Despite all the vitamins and careful hygiene
Iv caught it
But you know...
As a little girl being sick meant no school
Meant staying home with tea and cartoons
Snuggled in bed being absolutely doted on
And now it means no more going on useless dates with others
Means nights in with tea and a movie
Snuggled in your bed, being absolutely doted on
So I'll tell you a secret
I never minded being sick anyways


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