Love's Algorithm



(Translation of the Algorithm)

Love's Algorithm is defined by:

Two people plus time.

When love is much greater than hate.

When love is greater than but not equal to indifference.

When the sum of the mean time spent together is equal to infinite good times.

If this mean plus laughter plus movies plus food plus kisses divided  by tears and anger and misconceptions and lies amounts to something positive,

then more time will be spent together, such that love is equivalent to time after time after time(…).

Add caring, subtract the bad times, plus forgiveness, minus in-laws.

When happiness is greater than sadness.

When one is covered by the other.

One person is the ideal for the other if and only if the opposite is also true.

Person one is the natural join of person two.

Soul union soul.

Therefore there is one and only one.

End Proof.




Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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