Lovers Waltz


As the sun finally falls from the sky and the moon takes her place on the other side. As the angels sing softly their sweet lullabies. As this everlasting waltz is finalized. Two forbidden lovers shall finally have their night. When their hands touch music begins, a new dance of two lovers that shall never end. The sun and the moon are the main event but watch and see the stars blend in. As they dance a dance that has no end, two lovers forever but never again. For the bride is forbidden from having heer groom Though hands reach out it is known as certain doom. Two lovers forbidden to love like no other but two lovers that will never cease to dance with each other. Now and forever they follow one another as they dance across the sky in this waltz of two lovers. The moon is the most beautiful bride, and the sun is the glow that lies just behind her eyes. Their love for one another shows in this dance of forever the passion between them pulls oceans closer to them. Though they can never be together they will dance like no other, in this waltz of forever


This is sooo cute!


Thanks! Glad you like it :)

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