a lover's note

l o v e


to have someone to hold while you sleep,

arms and legs tangled with each other

in a way that is so kind and so pure.

to cry and have someone there

with open arms saying that you'll get through this,

not lying with the words "It will be alright".


someone who looks at you with the same pair of eyes

when your whole face crinkles up when you laugh

as you are when you radiate an energy so powerful

that you put the moon and all its stars to shame.

to be with someone who will look at you,


god, the way they look at you.


your hair messy,

and with the dark pools under your eyes

from all of your sleepless nights

thinking about them.

the way that they look at you

is filled with words unspoken.

words that don't need to be spoken.

and you know that they love you.


you and all of your imperfections

and all of your hurt.


l o v e


the one thing I long to know.

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