A Lover's Dream

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 14:12 -- IvyMB95


Hand in hand we lay together by the sea, in deep golden sand and a world there is just you and me.

Closing our eyes as we both listen to the sea, and a sky so blue that we both see. 

You hold me close as we both lay here together by the sea, covered as if by a blanket of love and happiness, so it showed me. In this only dream I ever had of just you and me, to love one another so equally. 

But I ask, would you ever stay here forever with me? To love and to hold me endlessly?

I have heard of dreams to come true, but if I could choose any to be, I would choose this one where I just lay here together with you. Hand in hand, forever...by this sea..together...

Just you and me.


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