From a Lover




What I desire nor mortal man may taste

The heavenly beauty to touch thine lovely face

Not on this earth is there love so pure

It looms over my heart as death’s cure

Will you not bestow your hand upon mine

I am underserving but I see a sign

That someday you may see than I am

Your affectionate only true man

Your hair is like golden wheat in a field

And to your voice all sin does yield

When you walk your feet do not touch the ground

And when you talk your lips make divine sounds

To even approach you and tell you thus

Will seal my doom forever in your clutch

If you do not love me tell me so

Save me from your indifference if I am so low

To you I fear my heart has gone

Its deserted me for your sweet song

Without you what fool am I but yours

And darkness will creep to my soul and lure

If I do not receive your words

What will I be but a wretch

Striving to your heart to catch

If not you then who could I ever love

No maiden for me will ever be enough

Please spare me at least one thought

Or you may cast me into pain and distraught

Can you not see what you do to me?

I fall upon my knees and to you plea

Do not pass me by like all the others

For with many happy days will you be smothered

If you spend them with I

Together you and I shall fly

Promise me that no other man’s eyes shall you look

When I stand there besides you all betook

Captured is my soul to you

My drink is nothing, nor my food

On you I only feast my desires

On you my love shall never grow tired

I wait until you say a word

Then bless that speech for I am cured

Your patient servant I shall be

Until you set your eyes upon me

Then what can my flailing heart but do

But rush and sing my praises to you

To this love letter you might never read

But my words flow out with great speed

My words and love will never end

If you will be my forever friend. 

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