Love,Outstanding,Real Delight

speak, i dont know how. Praise you through every test and trial, teach me now. when i break, when im lonely, your there to hold me. When the enemy comes to make me feel like im not loved, your spirit like an army, stands up. Battling through my problems day by day, just to reach me and put me back in the right place. Who can`t honor someone that will give up their life just to see someone else enjoy theirs. who`s  got an outstanding love taht no man can bear. Because your blood still holds up the banner of humility and truth its able to produce good things not for a man,but to a king.As i gaze at the glory flowing through the sky, the hope of seeing the real you burns on the inside. A treat that was a perfect delight. i relize Lord, you gave me this life of holiness not to live y life,but to experience yours. I`m not sad about how iam, through you i am soft as the moon but bold enough to soar. A christain, That`s ME.I will tell the world. I will tell the story of you behind my life so others may see your love,outstanding,real,delight as i pour it out, with my conduct and let it SHINE.

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