Lovely Suicide

Wide awake in bed 

For you occupy my head

Because I love you.

Every smile upon your face 

Always brightens my day

Because I love you

The fragrance of fresh rain is something I cannot bare

You leave me in pain, but I still care

Because I love you

Playing with my heart to your consent

I am a puppet, till every single limb bents 

Because I love you

Catching you with another fool

Yet I'm still the fool

Everytime it is the same

You and your games

Such a shame

I love you

I'm afraid of losing you

Because I love you 

I cry and cry

Men aren't supposed to cry

But I do 

Because I love you

Even though I'm no longer with you 

You are now laughing 

While my hearts breaking

Because I still love you 

Rain, Rain

Till the pain goes away

Room filled with bitter stench 

Drenched with sorrow

Because I still Love you!

Yet you are not here!

But you will appear

Just not here

Because you still love me

So sharp and small

Yet it causes downfall

My downfall!

I love you...

Crimson Red dripping to the floor

My heart and mind are both in war

Because I love you.

You will see

Now I'm free

I am no puppet

I soar like a Rocket

I will see you from above

For I will be a dove

Because I will forever Love You.





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