You say you love me

But our turning the other way

Not trying to fix what we have

Instead your Giving up on something that can be great

Moving away because you feel is necessary is not what is important

Trying doesn't mean not leaving but putting forth on what is to come

When you left I felt all alone

You left me with open questions and tears coming down my face

Wondering if you would ever come back for me

When you left I fell for someone else not knowing it wouldn’t be the same

When you left me broken, she picked up back the pieces

I would have never have thought I could love again

But then he changed

Wanting just sex not my love, the same Love I had for you

But then I stopped once the bruises of your angry came

Then I was all alone again

But you came to save me from my loss

The Lost of the loved I had for her

Falling once more in love with you

I hope I don’t Lose again


This poem is about: 
My family


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