Love with you

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 23:02 -- mimi138

Our love is like a lightbulb on its last hours of life

Frantically it flicks on and off and on and off

It clings to its last bit of ennergy before it burns out and is replaced

Our love is like a man on a rollercoaster who forgot to take off his hat

In every loop he remembers to hold onto it

And on the last upside down swirl

It falls off

I never thought that our love would be equated

To a child who wants a strobe light and cant afford one

So he flicks the lightswitch up and down

Imitating something he desires

I'd like to think that our love was something sappy

So sticky and sweet that it pulls other people in

Traps 'em there until they say

"It's so cute I wanna vomit"

When you said

"Our love is strong, we'll find our way back"

I became scared

Because love without you

Is like walking through the night with a flashlight and dying batteries

It's like being lost with your phone and only having one bar left

Like being at Disneyland and not seeing the fireworks

But love with you?

Love with you are the giggles you get from speaking with a helium inflated voice

The feeling you get of seeing that there's one more shirt left

And it's in your size

It's finding the missing puzzle piece under your bed

That and so much more

Love with you is every positive feeling in the world

And so what if it's cheesy?

You're lactose intolerant anyway


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