Love without Labels

Every morning I go to school, and I’m a student

Every afternoon I go to work, and I’m a teacher

Every night I go home, and I’m a daughter

These labels that I give myself, they describe who I am

They don’t hurt me, they push me towards greatness

The other labels, the mean ones, are what people remember

They remember that I have flaws

That I was smart

That I am different

That I was weird

That I am dumb

Those labels, the ones we use everyday, are what drive America

Without them, we would be peaceful

We would be together

We would finally have that one ingredient we’ve been missing for so long

But why fix it, even if it’s broken?

We can live with hate towards our neighbors

We can survive knowing that we’ve killed over words

We can remain innocent towards the violence in our streets

We can exist with ourselves

We’ve lost sight of what’s important.

As citizens, we need to build each other up

By doing so, we can have another Thomas Edison

Or Harriet Tubman

Or J.F.K.

Or M.L.K.

Or F.D.R.

People we look up to, people kids look up to

Forget the labels, and spread out love

Love that everyone needs

Love without labels is freedom


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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