Love Is Why

Love is a gate that many of us want to enter

with a code that many of us seem to forget

But #BecauseILoveYou, I seem to remember every little thing you've ever told me

So I use your birthday as the code to the gate that divided us completely

Love is a road to paradise that many us want to travel on

with a vehicle whose use we seem to neglect

But #BecauseILoveYou, I am sure to be considerate and play my part

So I use your smile as fuel for the vehicle that is called my heart.

Because I am not many, and many are not I

You are my drive, you are my why.

Love is a river that many of us want to sail across

with a boat that won't seem to stay afloat

But #BecauseILoveYou, I lay my destiny in your hands

So I have to use your arms as a raft, and sail until I make it back to land 

Love is a rollercoaster that many of us are intrigued to ride

with a fear of heights that it difficult to tote

But #BecauseILoveYou, I let go of all my fears

So I close my eyes and start to feel my apprehension disappear

Because I am not many, and many are not I

You are my comfort, you are my why

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