Love comes to us when we least expect it,

Sometimes it last, sometimes it doesn’t,

Sometimes it is as a result of lust or by the whisk of a magic wand,

Whatever it is, it really doesn’t matter,

Because when the love of the sand bound and embrace the tidal wave,

It rest peacefully and then flees away,

A condition which may seem fruitless but still has a little bit of essence,

Buried down beneath it fleshy skin of uncertainty, 


Hovering around your head may seem signals of wasted years getting back at you,

And soon you may forget about the rosy allure you once enjoyed,

With the very person whom you claimed, “rocked your world”,

Then penetrates the conjuring feeling of regret,

Unreasonable mixed feelings of whether or not to accept that your world is now empty,

Or perhaps has evolved, living you behind,


Your heart may seem broken and never to be repaired,

An excruciating pain, which to any other is never compared,

But it is only possible for the heart which is inclined and prepared,

To fight the battle of freedom and the last thing is to be conquered,


True love finds does who patiently wait,

Not too long to keep you standing behind the gate,

Linger for the one, who is prepared to stand great,

 But just so you know, don’t be late…

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