Love vs. God

Love Is one of the most powerful words in the world.Even more powerful than should be GodSince we have more faith in it. I promise youThere is way more people out there that believe in loveMore than the belief of God. I am one of those people.Love is what gets us through them cold nights til mornin'While God just makes sure your up in the mornin', You all would love to live in this world without sin,But in order to be loved you might have to sin to find it.You would be loved by love no matter who you are,No worries about being judged cause of your same sex relationshipCause love can be found anywhere, from "DownLow" to aboveThey say God doesn't judge people, but we get judged anywayWhile love as our savior we don't have to label ourselves As bi, gay, or straight. This is not the only reason to choose LoveBut it is something we can all relate to.So who side are you on? You better choose wisely.If you don't choose God your considered un-Godly And if you choose God your afterlife will be "amazing".If you don't choose to Love God will see you as evil,And if you do choose Love God will know your equal.So who side are you on? 


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