a love story


the first night you lent me your jacket

we shared a taco,

and later a kiss


next time i was sick

our bodies intertwined

and then so did our lips


that's when i fell


we drank a few sips

and then the secrets slipped

you held me as i began to shake


you slept on the floor,

and i knew there was more


things began to happen

and hearts began to open


then your phone broke

along with some hope


everything was left sketchy

and all was unsaid


now i'm alone

these thoughts and feelings jumble and moan


you're not here

so nothing can be shared


with fear in my heart

i spread myself thin

feeling like i have no where to begin


you guide me along the way

holding my hand

and even my heart


it was a rough path

with some bumps and some tears


as for today

i have you to hold

and i could never ask for anything more


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