The Love Story


I seen her across the room, her beauty caught my eye.

I never believed in love at first sight, usually too good to be true.

I needed to ask her out. I gained some courage and gave it a try;

It went better than I had planned, and I thought, “who knew?”


Under the moonlit sky, her eyes were so blue.

I am unable to look away she has my heart in her hold.

The best night of my life, and all we ate was fondue.

To steal a kiss by the end of the night, I had to be bold.


We went on a drive to the scenic vista, So beautiful.

Just me and her alone under the stars, I leaned in for the kiss,

This was the moment i’ve been waiting for, it’s crucial.

Our lips met, and for a moment we were in complete bliss.


We are meant to be. Soulmates, we are.

I have never loved anything more in my life.

The happiest moment i have had so far,

was to seeing the elegant gown on my soon to be wife.



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