love song gone wrong

the days for her are getting more easy 
she never thought that time passing by would be this breezy
he now knows as the days drag on
that its only harder with her gone

she’s now learning right from wrong
learning that he didn’t mean a word all along
he’s now learning from his mistakes
learning that he’s the one that caused his own heartaches

she no longer wonders why he left
she knows god damn well she did her best 
he now realizes that she truly was the one
but he’s too late, the damage has already been done

she never thought she could be happy on her own
but him leaving her was soon to be the best thing she’d ever known
he never thought he’d be unhappy without her
but now all he can think about is that happiness from what they were

she wont let this stop her from having fun
she stays out until she sees that rising sun
he knows she goes out with a smile
and hates that he hasn’t seen it in a while

she knows its time to pack her past away
and maybe look at it and remember him later on someday
he knows she’s trying to forget him altogether 
and he hopes and pray that she’ll remember him forever 

she’s finally ready to say goodbye
and take the path to her new life
but he’s not ready to let her go,
his hearts now melting like the snow

she knows this cant hold her back from living
and he’ll soon learn shes unforgiving
because once you break her heart they way you did
theres no way she’ll ever let you back in 

shes ready to walk away and never look back
at this old town and what it lacked 
he now realizes he want his old life back
but its too late, her bags are already packed

this is not a love song, this is what happens when it all goes wrong
this is about a girl and boy, 
and how they both just wanted happiness and joy
but the boy thought he wanted more, 
and now he doesn’t even know what he’s living for
and at first the girl couldn’t even dream of life without him, 
but through pain and suffering she’s learning that life goes on again


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