Love prt 3

Within the clouds

I find nothing


But within your voice

I see something


In the distance, 

The dark is near

But in my heart

The stars are clear


As I lie awake to die I wonder

If a life with you is a storm with thunder

But with the knife I kiss you goodbye,

O why must I have let you go by?


A much fare adieu was all I gave

A relaxed style of way

Liberated from the chains and thorns, however

I’m trapped by your guilt and remorse


Aren’t you lucky that my bruises never healed 

but yours have found rest?


Luck has run dry for the girl who cries as she is simply “doing her best”.


I am alone sitting in sadness, despair

While you stand watching me, cold, aware.


Silently stop myself from stupid sobs and stare

At the way you looked at her while I was there.


I wanna change my don’ts into don’t worries 

My sorrows into sorries 


But it is too late, the darkness came.

Took me with that storm of rain.


The knife is now at my neck

It’s cold blade sliced me away

My last breath wasted

With your name on my lips, 

I’m tainted


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