Love is not

Healthy love, is not one sided

it is more than a rush once two people are united

it is to put full trust in someone and not wanting to let go

it is not listening and going with the flow

just to make them be satisified

even when the love you have think their justified

thinking that they know best, that they know whats right

its not leaving it be just to avoid a fight

I was infatuated, but thought it was real

from some odd reason, her loving me and also loving someone else, that became a deal

I dealt with this just to keep her

till one day i woke up and realized, shes the real loser

why is she trying so hard to pretend?

for all i know, im just the girl friend

thats it, that title, nothing else

I need to find my own love for myself

because at the end of the day, my heart is filled with compassion

but iv learned her heart is filled with dark magic

I have love for myself, my family, and friends

but her view of love, no one can comprehend

as her view wilts, mine has blossomed

I found the healthiest relationship i could be in,

my partner is pretty awesome

we both are a team, have the same dreams

were not as delicate as a sweater, ripping at the seams

he remembers every little detail of conversations in the passed

but he  cant remember which song he played last

he is my heart, soul, and passion

the one person i can truely confide in

my relationships over the years have been filled with betrayel, pain, and regret

but this ones arms are my safety net

Im no longer restricted from my own mind,

what did i do to possibly deserve this love of a guy? 

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