is love a myth

Tue, 09/24/2019 - 23:37 -- hope731

is blue the color of a picture perfect sky

with billowing white clouds

or is it the color of the ocean of my tears

my desperate cries lapping on the shore

begging for you to listen 

Is yellow the color of cheerfulness and sunshines 

beaming rays or is it 

the color of that bruise thats just beggining to fade

even as my heart is breaking from the very same blow

is pink the color of valentines and candy hearts 

or is it the puffiness of my face 

after a long sleepless night filled with sobs and loneliness

without you hearing a single thing

is brown the color of a solid oaks trunk

so tall and towering and strong

or is it the rotting decaying log of our relationship

that I thought would support me 

but gave way beneath my feet

is green the color of new beginnings and thriving life

or is it the constant reminder that we started 

as young and full of love as leaves in spring 

but are now brown and dead spiraling tword earth in sererate directions

is love a myth?

was love ever really any of these colors


or have you simply made me 


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