the love of my life

roses are red violets are blue


i love you and i know you love me 2


dont deny it you know its true


you are so warm you remind me of terami sew


You´re so original you are like scratch made stew


and when i finish this poem we can hug and call each other bo-bo


and as we say, baby come through


the only other thing i'll do is stick to you                                  


and when we met i was the one to talk to u


 and when i see you i thank god


for you, its so true


and when destiny lead you to my school i said woo-hoo


ill see you after school booboo


my love for you will always renew


and my fellings for you i will live up to


and when we have problems i always see your point of view


my sight of you is like a clue


a clue to the enjoyable and the few


and although i knew i was for you


it was up to you to unerstand the truth


the truth that god put you on earth for only one dude


this dude right here who wants to make love to you


peace baby booboo


i <3 you…..



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