Love to me

I have been searching for my true love in all the wrong places,

Falling in deep landing face down feeling as if love just isn't my thing,

But again and again I trick my hear into beating for someone new,

Someone who can make me feel like true love should,

All these times I've fallen in love,

The middle school love

The summer fling

The one who got away

The one who left without a word

The high school heart break ,

Have never been true.

But you show up unexpected 

With no intention to make my heart triple beat,

Making me fall again,

But this time landing on my feet.

Who knew me asking a simple question could lead to such emotion.

I've never had them so real.

Everything you say and so make my mouth and heart smile,

You write with such style

Walk with gallons of confidence 

And talk with smooth words.

Your hands fit into minw as if they were made to.

Feeling are not my thing,

I hate expressing them,

And when I do it always sounds confusing.

But confusing is my middle name.

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