Love Is Love


Love Is Love I'll say it again Love is Love  Look to your left now Look to your right. Look behind you, Look straight ahead of you. Do any of these people look any different to you? No, exactly. Times along with seasons change, People age, For every ending there's a new beginning. The hand of death is supposed to come at a peaceful, graceful time but for some death came at too early of an age. Isn't it a pity when death is the main one who sheds more tears than humans do? The time for hatred is over. The time for anger is over. The time for discrimination is over. As humans if we're able to accept all of the hardest parts of life than how come we can't accept the easiest parts too? We are not some porcelain dolls who should be protected wherever we go, We are not some hideous monster who should be feared. We are human just like you and just like you we want equal rights.    

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Our world


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