Love is Love

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 14:30 -- L32


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and Emily
and Zoe and John,
and Josh and Mira and Rabia,
and Jane, Rose, Mary, Helen and Radha,
and Jyoti, Michelle, Cait, and Brittany,
and Tyrone and Jenny and Lalainee,
and Matt and Ellie,
Aminta and Victoria,
Marissa and Zach,
These are the names of those
Who post the signs of equality online.
And what does that mean?
Because Facebook is just a social media site,
But “just a social media site” isn’t the way to think
Because it shows what’s trending and what’s happening.
And that’s what’s happening,
Marriage equality is happening.
The arguments against this may exist
But they are becoming irrelevant,
As this is the future
And it is time to stop hating
And arguing
And fighting
And dividing.
Because this is the future
And it is time to accept that
Love is love.
In the Bible, love is love.
In the Constitution, love is love.
And in a life guided by no written documents or laws or rules,
Love is love.
In a world where so much is unknown and disputed
We need,
We need at least to recognize love
Wherever and whenever it exists
Because we need love however we can get it,
And because love is not black and white
It is so so so complex
And acting as if it is simple is ignorant and incorrect and denying love of what it really is
We need to just remember that
Love is love
And recognize
And accept
And admire
Our differences.
And this movement has such speed.
I’m seventeen and I see these changes
All around me.
When the president announces he is on the side
Of so many
And when the Supreme Court acknowledges this as a topic to be addressed,
Something has happened,
Is happening,
Will happen.
That has changed,
Is changing,
And will change,
The lives of Americans
And of people around the world.
And who knows where the time goes
Or anything about time at all,
Except that where it goes, change follows.
This movement encompasses all races,
All genders,
The young and the old,
All religions, yes,
And even all political parties.
And that’s how we know that
This is the inevitable future.
Because we still battle racism and sexism,
But we have made it so far.
And we need to make it far with marriage equality.
We must continue to grow and develop and change.
And in elementary school,
I learned that the U.S. Constitution is a “living document.”
Because is still used so long after being created
But also because it can grow and develop
Like a living thing
And change or be altered as time goes on.
So I think
We need to know our Constitution
And allow it to metamorphose
For the sake of new times,
New circumstances,
And new interpretations of love,
Because even though love is so complex and complicated,
It is so simple to remember that
Love is love.


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