Love happens

With a destitute heart,

She seeks for love in the most likely places.

She takes her longing heart and lays it out like a mat,

She cares not the race be it white or black she just wants to feel some butterflies and heart races.


She sits alone in suspense waiting for a beautiful stranger,

She feels so empty it fills her soul with anger.

So she turn to desperation,

Despite efforts made her friends to explain the danger involved.

She introduced to stranger who loves her at first interaction,

But his look and finances don’t match her requisition.

She turns to look for love in the club because she feels she’s evolved.


But what she doesn’t know is that love happens in the strangest of occasions,

And it knows not man’s requisitions,

In the club she meets a handsome who works at a banking institution.

The lock eyes and get lost in infatuation.

Before she can blink hes already besides compliment her make up, extensions and fake nails.

She blushes for while as falls deep for suit and watch pearls.

But what she don’t know is that Love happens even without the gold and slow twirls.


A couple glasses and they slip into bed,

Before you know it she just got laid.

He’s my kind of perfect she thinks not knowing she just played.

With a blink of an eye the night dies away,

So lost in her fantasy, she barely notices that its day.

Yah hes got deep pockets, the suits and the ties but he aint in it for love hes out to play.

Love happens and cares not whether its night or day.

 Four dates and they’re a couple,

You can take pictures but don’t post them yet you’ll ruin my hustle.

He tells her softly,

She thinks she’s settled perfectly because she keeps getting laid,

not knowing she aint the only one hes seeing and shes just getting played.

 But  love happens and you just cant complian.

  • Emmanuel Rayan Daka (Le Red InkHeart)


This poem is about: 
Our world


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