Love Half Apart

In a single fleeting terrifying second  

those words slipped out of your mouth;  

prisoners hell-bent on destruction and anarchy.  

Unconciously, doing what you felt was the right thing,  

caused this man to second, triple, quadruple guess himself.  

A single second filled with panic, dread, excitement, gaiety;  

all wrapped in a discus made of words, spinning out of control  

down the field between us.    

Only two choices that were possible, but my body made it  

before my mind could think them over.    

I uttered those same words in the next second,  

gliding through the air like gilded golden birds,  

destined to sit on their perches behind their gilded golden cages.    

Those words enraptured your heart, and ensnared mine.  

What was I thinking, when I uttered those words;  

I love you too.


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