Love Go Away If

In such a rare day love is gone
I can not find taste to life
If returns melancholy
But love is back with joy
Coloured black pain
If sadness is
The soul

It gives me the feeling of saying
That I can continue
And love go
Go away
If you leave me pain

Love makes me feel good
But if is not for life
And love go
Go away
If you freeze me the being

Get yourself a victim
But there will not be anything you want it
To see It cry
No temptation when it's the passion
I want to feel
I do not exist here anymore
But go
If you bury me the feeling

And love go
Go away
If I miss your days
If my eyes
Is returned
And love go
Go away

When there's nothing to say
If you think me
It's not my thing anymore
Unlike owns the conversation
And love go
And love go away if
The sadness remains the same
Because if it is really so
Never will be love
-Jonatan vega


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