Love glue

We're stuck like glue

because I love you. 

When I need someone

you're always there.

You always see right through me

when no one else can.

Others will lie and hurt 

while you blurt out random funny things 

and laugh at yourself in reply.

You build me up 

when others tear me down.

You're the greatest friend I've ever had

even when you make me mad.

You love me and all my crazy

as I love you and all your crazy.

Only you can truly make me laugh.

I am never afraid to tell you the truth 

as you aren't afraid of hearing it.

You listen and accept others

when many people wouldn't.

You never give up on me

when I've given up on myself.

You're the light in my endless void of darkness.

You're the sister I always wanted,

even when you're unwanted.

We don't fight for long

because we can't stand being apart, 


you're the jam

to my bread.

The Hope in this life of hoplessness.

You love me 

and I love you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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