Love At First Sight

For the newlyweds

You met accidentally in spring and it was love at first sight.
Your eyes made brief contact and fascination began instantly.
But your hearts were not satisfied with just a few glances.
Love made you pursue each other, and you started a courtship.

In a short time, you moved from acquaintance to intimacy.
But that was just the beginning of a special love in the making.
Your persistence took you another step closer to happiness.
And you wanted the passion to grow into a lifetime of love.

You expressed heartfelt love for each other in our presence.
And the smiles that lip up your faces told how excited you were.
Do not forget the important vows that you solemnly made.
Love and loyalty are the most rewarding things in a marriage.

Stay together, do your best, and build a solid relationship.
You must always love your spouse as you love each other now.
I extend my sincere felicitations to you on your marriage.
Newlyweds, I wish you a long and prosperous life together.


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