Love is a Drug


United States
33° 50' 45.4344" N, 117° 47' 24.3924" W

You extracted all the good from your heart, and injected yourself into my veins.
As your love flowed through me I was overcame with a surge of euphoria,
a rush so powerful it left my palms sweaty and my mouth dry.
I was alive and aware of everything, it was simply put, beautiful.
Yet like all good things it was short lived,
but it was far too late to stop, I had become so accustomed to your presence.
My mind was already hooked on you,
it was safe to say I was addicted.
All my thoughts soon became clouded with images of you.
I couldn’t escape it.
As hard as I tried to get on with life,
you were all I thought about.
Not being able to have you left me with an unbearable emptiness,
I fell numb to the world around me.
Nonetheless over time, challenging as it was,
I learned to live without you.
I got over my dependence.
Despite my recovery, I'll always carry the long term effects you dealt me with.
I'll always fear the hand of rejection and the cold,sadness I felt when you were gone.
But a secret I will always keep,
life was always much better,
when you were surging through my body.


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