Love: The Discovery and All You Need

---The Discovery---
“What is love?” she asked;
The answer was but masked.
“What is passion?” she inquired.
Is it merely something to be desired?

He responded with a phrase
She hadn't heard in her days.
It was something new, and her curiosity grew.
She tried to comprehend what this would mean in the end
For she didn't want a heart to mend.

"Broken" he screamed with his heart upon the floor.
"I wish I could give you something more."
But she wanted to live,
And there was nothing left for him to give
So with compassion in her eyes,
She listened to his cries, watching as the days faded away.

With a final kiss upon his brow,
She knew the time to act was now.
She walked into the distance after one last look;
It was time to begin a new page in her book

He will always love her;
She will always think of the way things once were.
Remembering with a smile the things she left behind,
His kiss, his touch, his look will linger on her mind.

“What is love?” She will ask once again,
But this time she will answer her own inquiry.
“Love is what I feel for him.”

---All You Need---
She has lived like she said she would.
She has traveled the world and done everything she could.
The years have gone by, yet asks herself why she feels an aching in her heart.
With a tear in her eye, she remembers that guy, the one she knew from the start.

He was the one who could make her smile
And make her feel safe all the while.
She decided to call him,
For she was feeling quite grim.

As she uttered hello, his face became bright.
He wanted to see her for another night.
He had missed her dearly after all these years.
He couldn’t even contain his tears.

They met at sunset, beneath the colorful sky.
It was as if no time had gone by
He stared into her eyes, and saw the emotion behind them.
She will forever be his beautiful gem.

She looked at him and knew how he cared;
Something inside of her suddenly flared.
She knew this feeling and her head started reeling.
For once she felt whole; for once everything seemed perfect.

Wrapped in his arms, she stared at the stars in the sky up above.
She finally realized that all truly you need is love.


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