Love is like a Diamond

Of all God's creations-
all the wonderous things
love is the most precious
because of the joy that it brings.
Well, I've heard it said
that " love makes the world go ' round."
and, " love conquers all."
or so I've found.
And to me, love is like a diamond
valued and rare
so should you find it,
cherish it and treat it with care.
Yes, love makes life worth living
and love will fulfill you completely-
whether you're receiving or giving.
Love is more esteemed than either money
or fame
it's my strength and Inspiration-
that's a fact I'll quickly proclaim.
But even more important than this poem
about love and all it can do-
is the very special fact
that I love you!

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Annette M Velasquez

Another of my very old poems, written at age 19 or 20. Note how my style changes from simplistic to more complex- compare these older poems with my recent ones and I think it is a great lesson on the development of style.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the beauty is poems is the ability to be expressive in numerous ways

Lord will guide your choices in how to write

love is patient, love is kind -1 Corinthians 13:4-8

love is powerful when God is in the center

Lord will show you the love needed in your life

you're an incredible poet-keep writing, and spread the God given ability to spread the power of poetry


This poem made me a bit emotional because it is so true! Love makes life worth living, what life without it? When you find love, life just becomes brighter and things don't seem as hard!

Annette M Velasquez

Thank you for your positive critique of my " Love is like a Diamond" poem. Yes, what you wrote is so true!


My dear lady,,, so it seems,, my my later work seems to grow stronger,,,but this is good

Annette M Velasquez

Thank you... poetry, as long as it's from the heart, is honest and emotional- is a beautiful thing. I've been writing for over 35 years so of course my style has developed an intricacy and changed. But sometimes it's the raw, unsophisticated early work that touches me with the most nostalgia.

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