A Love That Bears Hope!

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 16:35 -- TroyV


A Trending topic I talk about smiling from cheek to cheek.

The very entity compelling me to get through some of the slowest weeks


Someone I grew so close to I could see and feel again

Relating with God as an imperfect team who makes mistakes but doesn't intentionally



All the power gained from a building connection. Limited resources blessing others

using praise as our secret weapon. 


An angel wise beyond her years of living. Exploiting motherly traits reassuring 

everyone else is alright, loves the idea of giving. 


My teacher, my mentor. The one who makes my heart rate soar, reaching 

altitudes forgetting all of my minor troubles in the world. 


The direct link to my happiness. Making you smile is always an honor 

and being yours is such a privilege just know I am gratefully honored. 


Who bears a name I can't reveal. Two Thursdays ago, we collected 

a win it was so surreal. 


A big dreamer, anxious but fierce. 

Incredibly fantastic that's how I describe your 2017 triumphing over huge obstacles

bursting through the seams. 


What else can I say? I miss you and one I'll sing it in person. A strong woman trust, 

you're not the only one hurting. 


I could go on forever however, the world shan't know the level of love I possess.

Until my eyes close beside yours only then can I truly rest. 


May your future shine brighter than mine for I'd do anything even it means you


Its always been about you. You've earned your wings to fly freely 

never forget there's a home here that loves you deeply

Guide that inspired this poem: 


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