Love and War

Sitting here on this battlefield, writing away my sorrows

Hearing gunshots and bombs, not looking forward to tomorrow

Looking for a soldier to offer a lifeline I can borrow

These sorrows, these pains, these fears.........

The praying, the joyful praises, can not even wipe away the tears

Whoever thought it would be you I would be battling all these years

Fighting about staying, fighting about leaving

The choice of staying or the choice of leaving, ha not even!!

This is bigger than us, bigger than we

Can you see yourself with me something like eternity

Or should we just end what never started, maybe its just me

Dont want to be another failure, another disappointment

So go ahead and do it, arrange the appointment

Take me away from this misery, even for this moment

They say anger passes in due time

Trust in them, everything will be just fine

What to do, where to go, I have to make up my mind

Its no longer about us but all about me

Never in this year and time is where I would have wished to be

With you standing over me, weapon of choice in hand

Do not know how to feel, scared to move, scared to hear your demands

Shots burst in the background, impairing my hearing like I am drowning in quicksand

Please tell something, tell me what you have planned

Drawing out your decision, anticipating my reaction

Seeing me quiver and vulnerable is your satisfaction

Time passes, no more tension, a little more at ease, drops the weapon to the floor

Anger dismissed, feelings resuscitated, all this expected in love and war!!!


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