Love and Hate


They say that between love and hate there is only ONE step.

Every time I heard this I would laugh and think how is this possible?

Thinking that love having its ups and downs couldn’t possibly lead to such an Awful feeling as hate, but never once completely discarding that option.


Loving you was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Knowing that I had you for a brief time in my life meant a lot.

Even if I only had you for a summer, a winter, and a spring, your love meant the world to me.

It was through your love that I learned the true meaning of all three words; LOVE, HATE, and SACRIFICE.

Your LOVE showed me happiness, kindness, and passion.

It was your LOVE that took me to new places and taught me new emotions.


Your LOVE taught me SACRIFICE, because I learned that the saying “ if you love something set it free” really hurts to follow.

Knowing that I loved you with all my heart and that I had to let you go killed me from the inside out.

But knowing that in letting you go you would be happy meant that I was doing the right thing.

Although, it hurt me to see that you were happy with her I faked a smile picked my head up and walked away, to let you be you but with her.


And it was through your LOVE that I learned the meaning of HATE.

HATE is such an awful word and an even more awful feeling.

Hating you was hurtful, because it meant that I wasn’t letting you go so that you could be happy.

It meant that I was still somehow still holding on to you, to your memory, to OUR history, our special memories together.

Today I can finally say that the only thing I hate are things that remind me of the times we lived together.

I hate the songs, movies, quotes, and everything that reminds me of you.

Hating you never brought anything good to my life.


Today I choose to be happy being me, to move on and put those memories away.

I know that I can never forget those times spent with you but I can choose to leave them in the past and move on.

Today I choose to let you be happy, to stop holding on to a ghost of you and to never mix LOVE and HATE.

You know in a way people are right when they say there is only ONE step between LOVE and HATE.

But today I choose to take another road called HAPPINESS.



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